Among Thieves

Everything is getting better and better in this second installment of the Drake adventures. The graphics is without question, pure art. The story is much compelling with surprises and many ‘wow‘ moments on some scenes. By ‘wow’ I mean something like: chased by a truck while at the same time shooting the bad guys, or jump across running vehicles while fighting mano-a-mano with bad guys, witnessing awesome landscape of Borneo, Himalaya and face to face with surprising guardians and many more.

This game really engages me much. The physic animation is slicker and flow naturally with the controller, the battle, or should I say skirmish, even better and I guess this is why they put it as the title. I like the title: among thieves. It is really good choice for the game title and really represents what I could possibly expect. I even  love those humorous dialog at some points in the game. The maker really know where to put a rest between intense actions and puzzling riddles.

I really hope there will be a new Lara Croft adventures that could raise another bar of adventures-type game like this.

Surely, Uncharted series are the strongest contender.


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