Reality bites

There was this joke over the internet. That there is perhaps no such  thing as present. No, I am not talking about gift. Present time, not past or future. Where is it?

Present is now, what is matter in the split of  time. By the time I finish this typing, it is was. So, it is the complexity of when is the present.

But where is it?

If we rely on our senses, or most notably, our visual sense, the present is centered at our self.  But to think about it, we perceive surroundings through their reflected light wave signal into our eyes and  being processed in our mighty neurons. In result, that is the time we see them. Because light wave travels in a constant speed then at any distance, it still need time to travel into our eyes.

So when we see something in our common world, it is actually a billionth second ago. By the time we see then, it actually already was. Wasn’t it?

So where is actually the present?

I might bite my own thumb to see whether I am dreaming. Nope, I was awake and this is reality.

Wait, what is reality?



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