Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2)

For the second time, I just finished playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. One of  the game that became the main reason I bought PS3.


As I wrote long time ago, this game is pure enjoyable adventures. Aside with its compelling narrative story, lovable characters and graphics richness,  now I know that there is an error in one element of its story. Perhaps many of its player from Indonesia already recognize this. In this game, Eddy Radja character spoke Indonesian. Yes, I recall all of his yelling and shouting. It is all Indonesian language, mostly slang words.

Now I think this is inconsistent with the story where the whole adventure is took place in Latin America. Why would native South American speaks Indonesian? Well, somebody at Naughty Dogs must have had reason on this, but perhaps it doesn’t matter, does it? For me, it doesn’t. It is not ruining the whole gaming experience.

I was just glad finally I can hear Indonesian language being spoken in the world-class video game 😀


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