The Mission

The magic of internet once again proves it is here to enhance my life experiences.

In my childhood days, I loved radio. I was a big fan of radio dramas particularly heroic and fantasy fiction. When one of our local station played these series in mid 80’s, I was so drawn by their epic sagas. Every time I got back from school in the afternoon, I throw myself in front of the radio listening and imagining their world and adventures.  I remember one of their background music score that still embedded in my head until now and yet, I cannot figure it out what is the title of this symphony or who is the composer.

Once a while I came by on iTunes store and listen to “The Mission” by great Italian composer, EnnioMoriccone.

Wow. This is it.

This is the melody I’ve been searching for. Fantastic score. Genius work. Very sad and melancholic melodies.

So he is one of my favorite movie composer now, along with Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Danny Elfman.


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