The demise of Macbook

In US  standard time today, Apple announces the death of Macbook.

In 2007, I bought my first Mac, a white ceramics Macbook as a gift for someone. I remember how happy I was. Even its package was designed well. Many times I handled it with neurotics care, like it was not a mere computer. No it was not. It was a stationary jewel. The trouble was I was too busy to keep it clean and dust and grease-free rather than using it for something. I think that is  a kind of relationship you won’t find in any other computers, or peripherals.

The attachment, or maybe love.

Or, is it because of the price that at the time, I might got the same or even more powerful machine with two-third the price? But again, it is not Apple. In cars, I may choose Mini instead of VW Beetle, or an Range Rover instead of BMW X5.

How sad, something must end at sometime.

It was a happy in my life when I got it in short period of time. I hope it still doing fine now, somewhere.


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