Give and forget

In my past I feel I was being fooled many times. Take an advantage of me out of my sympathy.  I am easy to feel sorry for somebody. It turns out, they fooled me. Some of them.

Well, in the past,this was annoyed me because I cannot trust anybody anymore. But then I realize, I don’t expect anything from anybody of what I am giving.

Just give and forget about it.

When I was in Paris, last year, among the crowd of tourists in the metro station, I was being called by an old man. Maybe he caught I was Asian. I prepared not to give anything, say nothing except ” No, I can not speak French“. Suddenly, he asked me for help to pass the turnstile gate using my ticket. In Paris, you can pass the turnstile gate with someone else who hasn’t got a ticket by entering altogether. There is no guard like in Japan.

Well, Ok, I said. I loose nothing.  He was old and not so well-dressed apparently. Maybe he was a poor old man. Poor old French man.

Then, in the metro we talk about nothing. With his heavy-French accent, he told stories about his living in Asian countries. How he liked Asian, how the fruits are much fresher there, how the weather is much nicer. Well, I said again, somebody’s lawn is always greener, isn’t it? You French has the most magnificent city in the world, the most fashionable people, not to mention, the French woman.

Until at the end he asked me what am I doing? I said I am a student. He said, good for you and good luck for your future. “Hi, this is my stop and Merci beaucoup. Au revoir,” He said and left. What struck me is that on the back of his T-shirt, there is a slogan said: “The time of change”. Perhaps, it doesn’t mean anything or imply nothing, but for me, it was something. It was like a call for me not to gave up because maybe my future will change.

I need that luck. I hope he meant it when he said good luck.

Hmm, then I expect something, do I?


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