1 out of 10

One out of ten people on earth has a Facebook account. If it narrowed to the urbanites, the ratio may as well be 1 out of 5. I belong to those nine or those four. How far can I hold this temptation and urge to be a socialist? I just choose not to think about it. Not that I am an antisocial. I just happen like to have space barrier for my silent and tranquil personal distance. It is the world as I want to live with.  I can very much enjoy and digest my world and  everyday life in the old ways.  I would like to meet new friend, not in virtual wall, not in virtual chat, not in virtual presence, but in flesh and blood face to face. Feel the nervous, feel the awkwardness.  I like to take pleasure in my surroundings. Good or bad, that is life experience. The most important is, I have control.

If it is possible though, I choose not to have a cellphone. But apparently, it is not. Why? Why don’t we give a chance to the people to miss us a little?  Jerry Seinfeld once said. Ya, why not?  I wish I only have a land-line phone just for emergency and for my dearest relatives and friends. The rest of mean of communication?  with my senses, naturally.


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