End of an era

In early 2010, I wrote that iPad was an e-book reader with steroids. Because I love to read and love to have something light to bring around so I can read anything I want anywhere. But now in 2011, the wave is bigger than I thought. With Amazon kindle books outsell the physical ones, Penguin and Barnes & Noble initiative to digitize text books and a lot buzz about transforming knowledge acquisition through information technology, I am convinced that tablet ( iPad, Android-based, Windows-based, Web-OS-based, Blackberry-based)  is now the future of how we digest abundant information. These are the information hub. Internet should makes our generation work harder to filter out unnecessary information, without wasting much time distracted by all the good things it has to offer.

And finally, I  think this is the payoff for the abundance of the information. We can be more well-informed, smarter, and wiser. And get into the idea how to solve real problem.

And for me, netbooks and (soon) laptop is finish.


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