Back in 80’s, I spent my spare childhood times with comics and later, fictions. Herge’s Tintin, Uderzo’s Asterix and Karl May’s Old Shatterhand were my favorites. I can tell that my friends in the west might feel strange with those characters. Their world were already filled with heroes from Marvel and DC comics. But still, in my home public library then, I always looked for their new adventures.
I always want to collect, someday, all of these stories of my childhood heroes as a legacy for my daughter. How great it would be that the stories that driven her father’ passion of achieving something are ready for her to enjoy. I think some of my inner curiousity for adventures and always looking for the funny thing in life are came from these comics.
And by the miracle of technology, I can find now that these comics are still funny to read. Even though now it is the English version. It’s humors and jokes and adventures are still fascinating me. Well, perhaps it is just me to be so easily amused by something funny.
I can’t wait for this Tintin movie. As a big-big fan of him, I always think this is pure classic. I wonder why it takes so long to make this movie.
If it’ll be premiered in my town one day, I will take my daughter with me to see it.
Sure as the light wave I will.


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