Friday the 13th

Wow, I hope this date has nothing to do with the cult or Hollywood fantasy of misfortunes. This date is marked as my first defense presentation of my study. I hardly believe I come to this far and now I almost study for four years. Four years of enjoyment, I must say, because I love what I am doing despite of the hard working hours and moments of despair. 🙂

Yeah, I really have faith on my study. For the first time, I think I am at my full capacity to defense my research and my intellectuality. It was like having a pocket full of ammunition and I am ready to face whatever means of weapons the enemy has. Of course, if I have to expect for the worst, I certainly would not going to fail without any means of resistances.

I hope my study loves me back, though. This study means a lot to me. I even think that after all these times, I am reborn as new person, with new perspective in life and certainly, more clear view on the path I should undertake next.

Well, I am glad to be what I am now.

Today is still mine.


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