The Crusader

Marie Curie, the one and only greatest woman of all time once said: ” Don’t try to be somebody else to become great. If you curious about something and want to do something, then do it hard. So hard that you’ll become great in the process”.

I am always convinced that great people are became great not by their initial intention. They are great by achieving something they want so bad. Just as in Walt Disney’s famous quote:” You will become anything you want. The question is do you want to pursue it, or not?” It’s about one of human’s greatest weapon, compassion. With compassion, you can learn anything. And by learning, you can achieve anything.

Perhaps the single most important task for all teachers in the world is, to teach how student can discover their compassion about something in life.

Too many students failed to earn other than knowledge, or skill. They may finish their study, but they should not cease their compassion on learning something they are really like.

The school, is a place for discovering. For nurturing, encouraging brave souls to take a part soon in the world.

That’s why I stand for the school as a place to be. Not a place to become.


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