CAADRIA- the Association for Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia,

I will present my paper on the apparently my last international conference during the study (27-29 April). After two screenings process, they finally decided to include my papers in the proceedings.  There will be a lot of interesting and international figures. Some of them I happened to meet before. Some of them whose journal articles I cited and some of them wrote books I had bought. One of the presenter will be the one of the panelist for my defense examination next month.  This is one of the conference I really should be belong to.

And I am glad I did.

After series of these typical conferences, I finally recognize my milieu where I feel comfortable in it. I really excite about the event, about the research articles from all over the world, about the keynotes. I feel that I am really looking forward to be one of the crowd who discuss about computational design. This overwhelming feeling is rushed into my head.

Thank you God. For this big step, I know I deserve it. I know I am worth something.


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