School mates, 17 years later

reuni smansa 93

My buddy sent this picture to me. This was taken from my high school reunion in 2010. Actually, I left that school when I was at the second grade. Nevertheless, a lot of my friends were coming from the same junior high school.

This is incredible.

Wow, after 17 years some faces are still recognizable. In the picture, there is Gde Karya, one of the brightest mind in my class back then (he had almost perfect score in all subjects). Guntur, one of my closest friend. I usually went to his house just to play around after school or at Sunday. Arya, at the back was always became my sparring partner in study. He was always look serious when it came to study. Hendry, was the coolest guy in class. Still had the same smile. Aswin, one of other Aswin, was a younger brother of my friend, whose name happened to be Aswin too (they are twins, hence the name). Rudy, one of the cool guys back in school when it seemed that he was always able to attract girls 🙂 Last, is Aryawan, the other bright mind when it came to Mathematics.

It is always a pleasure to meet with old friends, chatting old jokes, laughing at our own stupidity and naiveness. I think only a few of them who get the exactly the same  thing they thought they will get in the future.

Life is strange. It is a current. We just have to go with the flow. At some point, it delivers us to the destination which is may not presence in our childhood dream, but it must be for the best for us.

I miss you guys.


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