Intentional Solitude

Internet-based communication brings all the noise as if what next is more important than what it is now. Previously, I was a multitasking person who handled parallel tasks happily. I was enjoying back then until it was proven to be fail. There is no advantage to handle multi tasks at a time and I think our brain is not designed to handle parallel tasks at  equal attention.
Let alone task of very different in nature such as,  grading homeworks and planing for a date.

Internet or any recent communication modes are very good at distracting and may as well, generates multi-tasking attention whether we realize it or not. It is well suited for extroversion-type person who enjoy surrounded by crowds or friends. Nothing particularly wrong with that, in fact I think in general it increases communication rates across the globe, across generations, across cultures. Remarkable what magic it brings in our daily life.

Sometime when its necessary I need to be less updated, don’t care much about the next – just about enjoy the present, and make my attention to only one thing at a time. In fact, it is really liberating being in solitude.
I intentionally put my attention in one particular thing without much noise.

Almost four years I learn to do one thing at a time and it really changes me.


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