Best Holiday Ever

I think I can memorize the best holiday in my life.

So far.

In this holiday, I had been chased by a raging bull in a tradition burial ceremony in Toraja, Central Sulawesi, spent a whole night on a ferry and starring at the stars in the middle of the ocean, had a time-limited running-wild to save our bag full of souvenirs out of a ferry which, was ready to take a sail off the pier in Surabaya, and had a dinner with a full-bowl cocktail in Kuta, Bali.

That was the best holiday ever in my life.

What makes it so special is not the places, not the rare opportunity of the events but being there with friends.

It is always a rare occasion where you can indulge yourself in trip with friends. I still remember every moments of those trip well, so sad I don’t have any photo collections. My friends are all living their life now and perhaps have less vivid memories of those than mine. But for me, those memories are so sweet and once in a lifetime chance. I remember well, we are all exhausted by the tight of trip schedule and events but none of us got sick. You know what? because we enjoy each of them.

Maybe some of my friends didn’t feel quite the same as me but nonetheless, that was worth remembrance.

I have been in many great places and none has more value than been there with friends.


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