Whining about timing

If time is commensurable or discrete as length, or weight, perhaps one could possibly loss his entire properties and fortune just because he always late. Here in Japan, I learn so much about time appreciation. Not too early (early multiple by early), and not or never, ever be late. Just be punctual. A tiny dot in time dimensionality.

I have been experimenting this habit long ago,  before I realize there are actually exist society who really appreciate time like Japanese (like no others in the world). Some said I was a weirdo (exaggerated by me), other said well, you must enjoy  fluctuation, enjoy time-dilation (not in Einstein’s term of course) because life is about time-consuming.

Sadly, I trained and exercised not to be one. And still I am proud to be one of the few who never be late on any occasion or any promise I made.

Unless. It happen on despise.

I almost gave up the ideas of become agent of change just by telling others how precious time  is. Sometime somebody just love to be late. Fortunately, if that happen to be student of mine, my punishment would be severe.

Yes, I then gave up because I realized time-frame is relative to everybody.

Well,  I am a weirdo because I treat time like my own feeling. Time is precious since it gives you enclosure for activities and it can’t be undone. I believe that if I get things done just the way I plan, I can do others things well. And it involves perfect timing very much. I must have everything in plan because I want to play hard afterwards or do whatever I want to do that doesn’t concern the world. You can implement work hard-play hard(-er) if and only if you already work hard, then you can play even harder. Or, help other people who have not implementing their timing well.

Poor people.

Yeah. Work harder than everybody else, help and be nice to people, play even harder and be happy.

I don’t see any possibility of achieving those without perfect timing.


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