Black Ops

When you bought a very overwhelmed game where everyone had talked about – not to mention that it is the most-selling XBOX game so far-, little you’ll expect playing duration is so sort that you almost miss all the hypes. Well, that is what I felt when finishing this game. I almost thought that most of FPS-game is so sort it is not worth the price (even a second-hand price like the one I own). In my average opinion, this game is obviously very entertaining and engaging  if you enjoy blowing anything off for whatever reason. The graphics quality, which I care most, is somewhat not so surprisingly awesome – considering so many people had enjoyed it. Uncharted series is still my favorite in this area. The sound quality though, is very-very awesome. The sound of AK47 (my favorite weaponry) is truly amazing compare to other FPS in war-genre game. Stereoscopic sound effects is another reason why this game is so engaging.

If there anything lack is that, storyline. If you play as regular person, each mission is so short and not so hard to accomplish anything. Some of these mission is very though (like the ones in Vietnam or in Laos) but overall it is still a (very) short game.


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