Big Opportunity at ALGODE Symposium 2011

I finally got acceptance notification for upcoming International Symposium on Algorithmic Design- ALGODE : held by Architecture Institute of Japan (AIJ). This is another big opportunity for me to involve in a few and rare community of the new frontier in digital design. How grateful I am considering some well known figures such as Kostas Terzidis (Harvard), Axel Kilian (Princeton), Marcus Novak(UC-Santa Barbara), Mark Gross(Carnegie Mellon) are of the advisory committees and they will be there too!! among others from professionals (Morphosis, Foster and Partners). What makes it more appealing is that some of their research findings and insights are part of my current work.

This news really pump up my confidence, again in a such a perfect time. I need another stimulus after last time in Stuttgart, to regain my confidence and my tenacity at least until I finish my target by the end of this year. Next year hopefully, is the year of writings.


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