It’s hard to describe Paris. For a person travelling only one day alone I almost felt it was an irony for the city that is meant to be for twos, for couple. Couple’s kissing passionately everywhere because there are cupids flying all over this magnificent city. I already have a feeling  I am a romantic man.

Nevertheless, I am happy by my own reason, I guess. For the lucky guy who can  visit city of light at least once in my lifetime.

Walking through the promenade of  Seine river up from Republic to the final destination, Eiffel tower and extent to the gorgeous La Defense. It is indescribable feelings. It looks like Ginza and Postdamer Platz are just little town. Paris surely is one strongest candidate for the earth capital, if there is any of it.

It is hard to describe Paris because is fulfilling all my desire for classic arts, the essence of beauty in every aspects: city, street, building, tree, pigeon, people, woman. Like all of them radiate beauty at the same time and all being captured by all my senses.

It is overwhelming.


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