Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter

I just finished reading this book and it’s fantastic. I knew Abe is one of the greatest American but after reading this novel, I am certain he is real American father. Even a four hundred years-old vampire can not believe he could bear the same weight as Abe had. As a president in a turmoil time of war and as a father/husband where nearly everything he had has been taken from . It seems that life gave him no choice but to give all he loves the most (mother, sister, first-love, sons) and leave him alone at least. A mortal with many tragedies in his life surely cracked down and surrender. In fact he tried. Three times in his life he tried to end his own. As he always noted: “ the only peace in life is at the end of it“.  But somehow, he manage to withstand and live to fight. Across many turbulence in life where not once it gave him long enough time to enjoy. Abe never enjoy but he always live.

I think the greatest man will never care about happiness in life but his purpose alone. For to be great is to be suffered.


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