The Office

I realize, I never use the term ‘office’ for the place I spent most of my day of ‘working’ er.. ‘studying’, oh well, ‘procrastinating’ . Why? For start, it is inevitable for those who inhabit schools like me. We usually refers the lab as place to work for most of the professors. The past 17 years I spent in schools, and specifically most of them in the lab- computer lab. I never work in ‘real office’ with cubicle and office-mates and water-cooler chit-chat at lunch hour. Although, in physical realm my previous cubicle more or less resembles what most will called it ‘office’. What construct the place ‘office’ anyway? desk? computers?young-tall-smart with sense of humor-forbidden to date-secretary/personal assistance? bosses? I don’t know, I wouldn’t. The word I often used to say when anybody ask where to reach me is: ‘the lab’. For me , it’s just a matter of taste. Lab has more personality than office, lab has more independence and vibrant environment. But for the most, because I like being surrounded by apparatus (computers for that matter), books and students. Well, the last is not so  much though. Here in my schools (or I am sure at any other universities in Japan), the place for Sensei always attached to his/her lab if not inside it. Lab is filled with post-doc, doc, masters and finally undergrads as the lowest in lab chain of  command. It is very engaging environment especially when you like being in one. One for sure, lab does not have working hours. If you a grad student, you are certainly own that place. Even the security guys will waive you anytime you visit your lab.

<ahem> geeks</ahem>


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