My Thinkpad

The first laptop I have was IBM Thinkpad T40i bought more than ten years ago. Back then it once became the fastest laptop in my office. I am very proud and please to carry it along with me although it weights almost 3 kilos. It had 64K RAM and 4 GB HD (IDE)  and large TFT display (14.1″) which is compared to nowadays specs, they are all will certainly laughing at it. I even run 3dS MAX and AutoCAD 2000 in that machine with ease and smooth.

What a glory days.

In  her long lifetime, not once her apparatus were broken or fail. Just only the display once broken and it was almost eight years ago. I am very surprised that she has nearly all the best parts any notebook now could possibly have.

The best thing I fall with this machine is, she was always with me through all my worst days. She almost with me anywhere I go. I had been in my worst nightmares and I don’t know what could had been more wrong  if I didn’t had my Thinkpad with me. She helped me to stay happy as possible, to laugh  and to sing along. The last time of her service, I wrote my early posts to this blog.

Well, nothing last forever. In order to save her grandchild, I must torn her apart to get most valuable thing relevant today, the hard disk. I am feeling guilty and sad but at the same time I know she will understand that what I am doing is to  preserve our relationship last longer. I don’t have a heart that one day I will leave her here. Alone.

I must bring her home and have a proper farewell ceremony.


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