The Departure of My Aunt

In the midst of gloomy day here in Tokyo, I received another grieving news from my sister. My aunt had passed away. She had fought against her illness for the last several years. She was the oldest sister of my late father who gave him life support throughout his struggle for new family and new-born son- me almost thirty five years ago. She said that when I was born, for the first three or so years , I was very close to her. Beside my mother, I was always be with my aunt. She always mentioned I was a bright child with big eyes and curly hair. For some occasions, she usually repeated stories about  hoping that someday I will be a highly educated man. Not a rich man, powerful man, or an actor or even a bureaucrat. She as my father did, always want me to be an educated  man. She didn’t have same hope to the other nieces. Just for me.

Hopefully I am now in the middle on the way to achieve it, but sadly I will never have a chance to meet them and give them all my gratitude for all their prays for me. I only can  imagine when they are still alive, how proud are they if  finally I can pass my PhD study and become the only family members to get a Doctor degree.

Man, this is sad.

I pray for her soul to have peace on His side and through her prays I wish I could draw all strengths to move forward in life and become man they are proud of.


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