Last year in the middle of summer holiday in August, I was stuck in the stack of literature, journals, and had nothing to do except read and taking notes. At that moment I remember, as an escape from those routines, my mind was wandering around my research topics, my reading materials and suddenly I asked to myself: why don’t I write about something but my research topic. Something interest to me and is within my research interest, but NOT about my research topic (otherwise I comeback in the loop). Of course, I thought it will not eligible enough for tier-one research journal, but it will give contribution to my community. As result, after one month of desk-based work and online communication to colleagues I finished my article and submitted to one of local accredited journal in Indonesia.

Lesson learned: Reading is easy, writing is thousand times more difficult.

Now after nearly one year, they sent an acceptance notification with minor comments. I am more than relieved and be thankful for that. Now I think there is no wasting time if I did something wholeheartedly. Doesn’t matter the result is at least I had channel to exhale overload in my mind in a concise and meaningful writing. Beside, I have no other life.


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