Micro Expo Giant Companies

Many times I don’t understand Japaneses. They are just too alien compared with my kind of people. I just become speechless when it comes to Japanese work of ethics, innovation, dutifulness and their great appreciation of beautiful. They just do what they want to do, with great effort and workmanship and whatever the result is, they very proud of it.

They don’t talk. Or sometime they had talked and I had now idea what there was.

Our ground floor hall is small, even smaller than the one in my home school. Now they hold this Japan Industrial Design Award 2009 Exhibition. In the scale of nation and world class innovation of products, this exhibition is a rare opportunity considering the place it is conducted is…in small hall in a university! Nikon, Canon, Sony, Muji, Sanyo, Hokkaido Railway, Dyson even Honda are among this micro expo participants. What makes this expo even special is that on each product it is accompanied with the designer’s explanation of design philosophy – not technology – ’cause they have their own venue for that. It is design that makes them appealing. And combining Japan technology with their design philosophy? No further explanation is required.


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