Mumble in the Jungle

I think it is embarrassing and sound disgraceful for people who stab you at the back  (again) by manipulating our past status into one own benefit. In the case of mine, I would not mind at all, if in this sense, for her own sake for I probably know why she had the idea in the first place. But the system would. The system would not allow any rabbit hole so that each of us is still get privileges as we are still a legally couple. And why bother at a first place? why hoping system would give such a privilege even though she declares herself as another man’s lady?

And now the system sent it’s alarm to me to make confirmation of any inconsistency of their previous database information. I begin to feel the time bomb is starting. I think it is almost time to renew all previous status of mine as stated in any legal documents. I  am now bear the responsibility for our daughter and I am legally still hold some allowances but for the little princess, only.


I’ll hope the best.


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