AI on Mass Effect 2

I’ve had almost half two-third galaxy explored in a new spectacular game, Mas Effect 2. It almost made Gears of War looks like Duke Nukem. It is  not an ordinary third person shooter game with zombies, aliens, and enemy troops. The story that build up each character is thick and engaging. They even made more than five big races with their own personality to be in our command. What makes more interesting is the AI in every story and character. Some said they even have romantic scene in this game. On every conversation and action, there are non-linear consequences.

What makes this game near complete is that I experience combat in any situation I’ve ever imagined. In the forest in remote planet, on the dessert where the star rays are radioactive, in the star ship wreck. Even more, combating mechs, robots,  aliens – many aliens, giant aliens and..zombies. The enemy are diverse, so as the combat styles where my gang has their own skill and weapon mastery. More over, the mission is so varies in theme. From looking for new recruit, saving a family crisis, vengeance over a betrayal. So we are not just shooting bad guys. Sometime we must choose delicate decision for a greater good.

Almost all reviews came with no less than 95% on this game. Graphics, sound, story and gameplay is awesome. It is just this situation when I feel like today’s game is getting shorter and shorter (this game came in two DVDs, though).  In old days I took long way to finish Tomb Raider. Days and weeks.


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