Here and There

It’s been tight schedule over the last almost two months now and I think it will stay the same for this upcoming year. This year is the year where we running up with those deadlines. The journals. It takes roughly three-five months before you get the notification whether your paper is worth enough to get published. If I miss the chance, I miss four months. Let alone the content and all grammatical errands. Yeah, it is hard. It is really hard. Over many-many scientific papers, I thought I get lost in the middle of nowhere – beyond nowhere.

But the odd thing is, I think I develop sense to read and comprehend quicker than before. It is because of the accumulation of knowledge stuffed inside my head or it is just my eye trained enough to scan all those patterns that fit into my research. Well, either way I am grateful I learn something useful. In addition, this sense comes with filter. Not all papers are well-written. I am not English native and far from highest score in my TOEFL but a good paper is supposed to be clear, concise and understandable without too many noise. I read somewhere that it is better to be small and concise than broad and crowded. That’s why a good paper is easy to understood. And writing small, seemly simple and concise paper is hundred times harder.

Just like designing something that is perpetual.

But there are also plenty room for my other side demands to be fulfilled. An addiction for gaming and reading something but research. Who am I kidding? I love video games and good thrilling novels as much as voluptuous female counterpart.:-)

But that’s another story in another dimension. For now, just games and myself.


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