(Clueless) White Russian

Ever since I saw The Big Lebowski, I always want to try that Dude’s favorite cocktail. I didn’t catch the name at first then I had fragment of information from friend of mine that had nice experience with part of fresh milk, part of Kahlua and part of Vodka. By Googling, it is what they called a White Russian. Had enough with Vodka, not because it is indeed, expensive and contain more than 25% of alcohol. But because it tasted very bad. Worse than whiskey.

So it turned out I tried with one part of Kahlua and four parts of fresh milk. It is the first home made cocktail and served by pouring ice blocks , or, should I say on the rocks.

I liked it very much.This clueless white Russian is the Russian version of my favorite drinks, ice coffee.


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