I really hope someday I and my little princess will sit together and talk about anything. Of course she will not be a little anymore but nonetheless, she is always be my little princess to me. I imagine I couldn’t bath her anymore as I always want to when she was a child, I couldn’t pamper her by rubbing her back with balm to make her warm at night. It would be inappropriate, wouldn’t it? Or else, someday she will move to her own room as a teenage girl and avoid as much as possible my presence.
I see the bluest in my future and my paper heart will probably start to bleed.

Oh, well. That would be another 10-15 years yet to come. Still plenty of  time to bond with her, my sweet heart. Still plenty of time to think about building a house with swing post. She really likes to swing. Maybe someday I and her could talk and laugh at our swing. You know, like in the movies. When all her friends gone after a party, I am the one who left for the rest of the night. And I have ton of amazing stories to share with. That would be even more unforgettable night. Another scenario is, we could play our Wii together. I know you’ll love video games, you have my genes. One story or one game at a night, that would flourish our daily life.

Don’t worry about the pressure from school. When she has trouble with her home work project, I could be her second author as her adviser. Of course if she thinks I am eligible. I would be honor to be a sidekick for a school project. How awesome it would be when we are hunting butterflies or catching a toad, growing plants in a jar and building a field report. Something that I don’t want to miss. You know that I can build little thing to electrocute almost entire fish ecosystem in a small pond? I used to use it to catch fishes. That is another story.

Or else, my dear. We can travel together. To completely strange destination. To where we don’t understand what  their spoken. That would be amazing adventure don’t you think? You can write on your holiday report to school:” I and my father adventure. Destination 1: Nepal“.


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