Year of Tablet?

I thought this year is the year of tablet. After myriad prototypes of e-books reader and tablet PCs at CES earlythis year. After long awaiting something like Microsoft Courier and HP begins its worth noted design by iSlate and Nvidia introducing a very promising Tegra-based tablet and followed by legion from far East smartest IT companies. Not to mention  very designer-ly GUI concepts for what it called: a new interface for PC sans keyboard and mouse. Many-many big ideas for the future of human-PC interfaces. Haptic-based, gesture-based, touch-based and perhaps..brainwave-based have been studied at all corners of the world. Just pick the best ones and make it work.

But not for Apple. They just reveal an iPad. For me, it is just an e-book reader . But now with colors and thinly-shiny iPhone like. Of course Kindle or Nook will be doomed. But for the sake of front-runner of  innovation in design and technology? I have a little bit disappointment.


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