Tempus Fugit

Time continues to march toward the inevitable.

If there is one certainty in this world, that is time. I begin to see that if only I recollected all events that had happened in the past and measure them by their possible trajectories into the future, I could possibly predict my own future. I think that is how karma works. In a -very hard to understand – string theory, all universes as we know are manifestation of the interaction of sub atomic entities which develops string-like vibration in high dimension. Well, I am not aware of that. What I feel is that what I give is what I always get (there are three ‘what’ , I see this is strange).

I’ve made some terrible mistakes and some come back as if I deserve to bear more than what I have now. I see the pattern and I understand what might the higher Deity had policy to me. Some might require time only to see the clarity of that policy. But some others are just the beginning of what may emerge in the future. Again, only time will tell.

As a member of this vibration, I only wish I could contribute to resonate mine in such way that my beloved ones will have good path in uncertain future. The events will be uncertain but the time will certain. I am not worrying about mine but dearest of mine. She should has bright futures and happy life and earn many things that I could not have.

I pray for His mercy for He is the only one who own time.


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