Life in Stereo

I guess we can not escape from what social have shaped for us. Stereotype is everywhere and make us begin to think it is as what it is. I usually judge the book by its cover  (of course, I am a design fan-boy) but for most there is always more that just meet the eyes. For instance, what might most people think about computer guys are glasses, thin or thick- depends on what their stand for outdoor activities, have attitude to speak aloud through virtual communities or, at most – T-shirt. Very few example in mass media I know that there is exist another type of geeks other than those mentioned, except – well- Lisbeth Salander.

That is stereotype.

Another common believe in my home is how we regard artists and how they begin to believe that that is their identity. By artist I mean painters, sculptor, poems and people in art communities. Not celebrities and show businesses. Why I rarely found an artist with collar and casual pants, necktie and suit or just normal tucked shirt? I doubt economical reason. Some artists I knew are really live very well though. Is it to become an artist is to rebel on everything? including major couture? Some artist in their struggling journeys might found that in order to achieve higher meaning in creativity, they must dig deeper into the root of humanity. That is why they never clean themselves nor their house, or why they always strive to be an alien (at least in appearance). I am sure there is exist a type of well-known artist (or at least, established) that like no others. Clean and neat, humble and just like the next guy in the room. If she is a woman I am sure I will found in  herself true meaning of beauty because I know she acknowledge it pretty well. That will makes her unbelievably attractive and her appealing is simply irresistible.

Stereotype also provides powerful and convenience closure. I think we may lost some of our characters and identity in social life if we fail to put ourselves into one of those types. Again, this is our visual culture where everything is judged by their appearances. Back in my home, if you are a musician you better be fashionably strange.


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