Long-Haired Rock and Roll

I grew up by influences of long-haired rock bands beside – well, NKOTB, Richard Marx and A-ha. Okay, now we would call them glamor-rock, silver-hair-rock or anything but for me, I still praise them as rock bands. Just pure rock bands as they once be called. Maybe now I don’t know much about music or my taste is still old-fashioned that I see my rock bands are way have more styles and bold tastes on music than most of bands today. If I look at Van Halen, Poison, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Europe, they were all awesome. Their lead singer was actually a true singer, their guitarist are pure skills and so the rest of them. I wish I could do as C.C de Ville did someday..if I ever reincarnated.


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