Five years ago, when I and your mother were trying hard to start everything new, you were born. I was learning how to be a husband, a family leader and soon to be a father. I had great expectation on you, my princess, that one day I will have my own little princess. Soon after ultrasound photo result came out and it was definitely a female, I can’t believe God granted my wish through your mother. The day before you were born, your mother was already in time for delivery and I was in my ultimate panic . You are always like riding a bike, aren’t you? because every time I and her took you to the hospital, my motorbike always served you best. Nobody knows how God’s work that He gave your mother unbelievable strength and only by His grace, she finally smiled upon your face when she brought you the very first contact to the world.

It was 09.58 am.

The first time your pair of big-rounded eyes finally recognize they who brought you into this crowded world. I hope you found I and your mother served you well.

Unbelievable thing happen on that night that when your mother lied in agony, I finally got the perfect name for you, my gracious princess. I feel that your name should not only filled with hopes and wishes – I and her hopes, but also represent a manifesto, a memorandum of  gracefulness. Eventually, you will be one of her’s one day and I hope by that time you are fully understand how special your name is.

Five years ago, you were the center of everything. It was like God had sent you to be the sparkling candle light and warmed the house. It was you who always gave your sweetest smiles every time I and your mother back from worked all day. It was you who bind everyone  with joy and life. Your mother even had many songs of you.  Like I said, you were new flower in the house. I remember the first time you were able to talk, and then walk.  How every miraculous thing that happened to you, gave more life in me.  Even though there were many times I and your mother faced anxious and worried about you, you were always came back in health and joy. You were always in joy. Don’t you feel bad about how I thread you drink those medicines for now you are always have no trouble with that. Sometimes I did whatever it takes to make sure you are in clinically healthy.

Five years ago, feels like yesterday when I woke up this morning by nightmares. Not everything worked well as it planned my princess. But one thing for sure, you will always have the best from I and your mother. Five years had passed by and a lot of things happen around you. Should there anything that makes you feel lonely and abandoned. Blame me for everything . I am the one who desperately seeks away to avoid such misfortunes. I am not forgetting whom I am always grateful for. You are my only flower that never fade away on me.

23-12, Happy Birthday my cute little princess. I always love you.

Your father.


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