The Drunkard’s Walk – Leonard Mlodinov

Drunkard's Walk

There are random events surround us. We (I mean each of us) always found our self like being in a roller-coaster of life. Nothing either its peak or its pit could keep us off of screaming. Life is full of surprises and the only chance to increase its probability is to increase number of events where the favorable probability suppose to be occurred. That’s why “Fortune favors on a prepared mind” and “The key to success is persistence and perseverance“. Never mind all the failures, if you are still move on, you are one step closer to your desire. If we look at set of people who are now known to be successful, it is almost certain that they are who never break down a bit (maybe, you know- except those oil tycoons). Always perseverance and die-hard. As in well-known legacy from Edison: “One day a reporter asked Edison why he kept trying to experiment with light bulb even though he failed all previous 2000 attempts. Edison said, no it was no fail. There were 2000 ways to light a light bulb and one is how to make it successful”.

As strange as it might seems, the random chance of event in any particular time and space might not be random at all. I can’t remember whom one said that there is no random at all. It is just that we don’t know every variable on every complex and inter-related component that make-up our universe(s). Ancient wisdom believes everything happen for a reason and for every action there will be a reaction upon it.

I am not mathematics wizard by my potentiality. I am just trying to make sense on what those wizards trying to tell us about phenomena of everything which usually overlooked. The science of probability maybe one of those which converge our understanding about ‘intangible‘ factors or forces that shape our living. Instead of ‘lucky‘ or ‘co-incident‘ we may one day understand that lucky is a function of probability and co-incident is euphemism for happen-chance (as Lincoln Rhyme always put it that way).


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