And is a New Or

My friend sent me recently an interesting sort story (or poem?) about ‘ Menjadi Ayah, or should I say, Becoming  Father’. It is more like an anxious thoughts inside the head of many male figures who happened to have, especially- a daughter. I am just being selfish here to mention that to have a daughter would be more appealing in a way of emotional relationship. Well, I think so..sort of.. I will see it in the next 15-20 years from now.

In those words, there were many situation in which a figure of father masquerading himself  so many times so that is daughter will only see hero in him. The figure of protector and guardian is naturally the most important feature she needs in her father. A father has to be always strong and steady and cheer-up as the world she is going to perceive. Even though, we are distinct creatures. It is a nature call for fathers to going out to work to make any ends meet  and inevitably, we would deal with rocks, nails, even storm outside. But again, she will only see her father tread her as  gentle as a new born. Sometimes we lost our control, because sometime the world threat us so. But its not necessarily means we lost our compassion and truthfully love with our little precious princess.

I feel it is getting harder to be a father.

In a journey of our own, there is no more other choice you have, my princess. Despite you will still always have both of us, only one at a time will at your service. And by the rule of nature, the presence of one side means the absence of the other. I, by no means will never replace your mother as the one who nurtures you all about being and become a woman. But I am as good as her to read you bedtime stories (one story at one night, of course..), stronger arms to carry you around as long as you want and I am as smart as her to teach you about anything. Maybe later, I can cook for you or with you.
How about that?

No need to worry or peculiar about this sad fact. If I can be someone else than your father, than I am.


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