New Faces

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I like the fact that two biggest national companies refresh their identities and rejuvenate their cultures. And hopes those (very) expensive ideas are worth their prospective profits. Honestly, the first time I saw the new Pertamina identity, I am amazed by their breakthrough initiatives and progressive spirit as embodied in the logo. Come on. This is the biggest oil company in the country that ranked forth in population in the world and has very long tradition of stable, bonafide, strong in their organization (at least it was what they want us to believe). This is grown-ups company. Although not as strong as British Petroleum and Caltex but it worth all my wholeheartedly proud. Now their new identity is like new start-up from silicon valley. Dot-com company, or I.T company – owned by nerds.
But then I saw where the wind will blows. The spirit is lied on streamline organization, efficient yet creative and innovative. The bold type below still mark those ancient wisdom.

Well done Landor.

The second is our biggest national telecommunication company. Long before I always notice  (vague) similarity or similar ideas of the logo with (coincidentally, the same IT companies) AT&T and Cable & Wireless .Well, let’s say their have the same business. In Telkom logo, I really like the circular shape, cutting lines and typeface, but not the gradient color. As a whole, somehow for me it represent reliability, connectivity and speed. Now they just issued their newly logotype and I am not as amaze as the previous one. It is just me, but I am kind of disturbed by yellow-shaped form. I think it is out of gestalt. Is it part of circle, is it silhouette of fingers? I can not tell. Those two forms also out of proportion (again, it is just me), not the eccentricity. Just have not fit in my construction. Why I have this feeling that the finger-shaped form has less effort of design process than others? If they spent more time on this, I think this would be very promising.

Anyway, the blue color scheme is, I think very well done. The yellow? not so. Again, put more effort and time in this.

Among those very good logotypes, I always a big fan of:

It beautifully crafted. The compound shapes, the colors even the typefaces.
And also, this one:

And this one, brilliant typeface:

Incidentally, both of them has similar business.
Nonetheless, only oil companies can pay sky-rocketing budget proposal from world-known ad agencies.:-)

Now back to earth. How are we going to change this logo?


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