Welcome to the jungle

There are a lot when comes to metaphorically describe what is it like to live as a PhD student. After a while, I am pretty sure that this metaphor is the closest to my situation. To live as a PhD student in a whole 3 years (or more) is like I’ve been stranded in the middle of a jungle- in a middle of the night. I have only to things at my disposal: a torch and a machete. One for lit up my world and one for create and clear up my own path. First thing I did is to orientate myself so I realize my position, understand where am I located. To do this some time I had to climb the tallest tree I can possibly climb. At the end of first year, if successful I can see a light across this jungle where the journey will take a direction. There must be light, otherwise I come to nowhere. The whole first year is an adventure to search a distant light. My torch is my knowledge, my experiences and my motivation. With this, I can see my goal and the direction towards it vividly. This torch is everything. And unlike the real torch, this radiant illumination increases according to my journey towards the goal.
Only many times sudden wind and rain disturb this light source.
The machete is my vital gadget. Without this I am left out, alone and hopelessly rotten. After I know the direction I must force myself to create my own path by clearing the jungle along the way.This is the hardest part because it will consume all my power, it will reveals things that might threatening my existence but it will also speed up my journey. My machete is my method and my tool.
The next two years is all about lit , cut down and clear up, step forward. And a PhD journey is a very hard journey.


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