Still in School

I have this terrible headache like never before and I guess I will got influenza anytime soon. In this situation I have moments to idle since my motivation drawn back every time I reach out for any activities related to the keyword: research. In this momentary, I remember when last week my daughter spoke to me on the phone and said why am I still studying at school. Why, papa? You are still in school? Well, my princess, I remember there was a long pause….I am still in school because I am a teacher, your father is a teacher. And to become a very good teacher, your papa has to study loong time. So when time has come, I can answer all the things in the world you want to know. (ssst..not all things though..). I hope my princess, one day when your friend ask what is your daddy doing for a living? you would answer proudly, my papa is a professor.

Let me say this: By the time you graduate from  your prep school, at the same time I hopefully finish mine, isn’t that cool? I will come to you and you can sing and dance joyfully all day long as you did last holiday. I know you desperately need to be with me. So am I.

So, let’s us pray for good fortune in our future.


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