I always want to know how fast my internet connection at my apartment is. I use everyday for watching internet TV without noticeable lag, downloading stuffs – big stuffs under minutes even I always use my X360 to download game demos also under minutes. So, I checked my speed using online service and it resulted my download speed is about 4.4Mbits/s and upload speed is 4.3Mbits/s. I pay about 2000 Yen/month  so it’s about 1Yen per 2Kbits/s, or Rp.100 per 2Kbits/s. It’s certainly not the premium internet connection but for my luxury, it is more than a necessary. It is suit my home economy and my demand threshold. Back in my school, I never reach 100Kbits/s even at a first day in a morning.

This kind of convenience frightens me. Soon after I leave and back to my town, I will never- not even close– reach this kind of luxury. The shock wave of backward internet cultures will come to me. Everything will be in slow motion or dead in the middle of transmission. No more RSS, no more HD-streaming, and all fruitful contents of rich internet apps I will not again take benefit from. I hope when those days come I am not frustrated and agitated because to me internet is so much more than television, or mass media. I begin to think that my colleague was right on this. Don’t buy television, get broadband internet connection and that is all. But how broadband is broadband connection in my town? I don’t know.
And more, I am not so sure for it’s reliability. One thing that always becomes issue on service enterprises in my town – or my country.

Because internet is a gate for everything. Although I am not fond of any social connectivity or networking or the concept of  ‘always connected‘, there are so much more there and there are always somethings new. The key is something and new. And this key is almost everything in my field of what I am doing, education and research. Because we are always in a competition and internet is surely the only media that can spread any information at once. And because the world is getting smaller and flatter.

But, to be back home seems to take journey to a different world. Here and now, I feel like running and rushing for any accomplishment. All my eagerness are fulfilled by internet and it keeps my mind constantly sharp. I  feel that in the future, running out of fuels from internet, I might getting walking again, take a peace on each step, take for granted for everything because everything will be the same.  I am afraid that I am not progressing into something and instead enjoy and afford the status quo of convenience.

Wow, I am not fall into that man again.


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