Woman and man are different. Woman’s body is designed to be enjoyed, praised and consumed by every quarter of  inner space in man’s imagination. Look at those Greek goddesses when imagination of hyper-proportional meet sacred geometric. Almost -if not– all of them are photogenic. But man? they said they are just utilitarian. Like a jeep. Fully functional and well equipped. That how man’s work. They said. Of course it’s not imply to any metrosexual-kind of male entities.

So does things. Some are destined to be utilitarian devices. I regard cellphone as one of those. I couldn’t see any luxurious benefit beside to call and be called, to text and be text-ed. That’s it. The screen is small, the interface is clumpy,even if their processor is so advance and so green that makes multitasking less power consuming and multimedia is as it meant to be. I simply cannot enjoy tiny screen. As an utilitarian device, I dream a cellphone as tiny as new Ipod shuffle and connected via bluetooth headset so it practically vanished. Or as I say, as invisible as they can be. For cellphone, feels good and look good don’t make sense to me. Simply put I think, the things with computer in it, should be as invisible as possible, should be ubiquitous, should be less effort. Like 3D glasses. Why  should we wear it? why not free of glasses but we can see 3D representation of 2D media?

Wow, it will be billion dollars invention.


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