One of my close friend will depart back home tomorrow after 3 years study and completing his PhD. After all the ceremonies and farewell parties I just realize that I knew him just for two years. Yet, I felt that we’ve been known for each other quite long. I know we share same interests, some stories, some jokes and even though we came from different culture, we close mainly because we share under the same pressures, same environment.

I will never forget he and his wife kindness. By the time I got in my apartment at my first arrival, they gave me lunch meal. The first meal I ate in Japan. I still didn’t know whereabouts and they gave me delicious lunch. That kind of courtesy I rarely found in the form of friendship. After then, because we are in the same laboratory, we were became accustomed to each other even sooner. I always felt that I have best friend again. And that kind of friend is hard to find. I still wonder how did I could manage to get through my darkest times without him. I owe him a lot more than he knows.

I feel that I had lost my friendship with some of my friends for reasons. Maybe I am that bad for keeping my friendship in touch, or it is just the time for being sensitive. This time, I learn how to make friends and try not to lose it. Because after all, they are still there where others aren’t. Best friend particularly for me is even more crucial. It is even closer than a brother. It is long time since I left my high school. I thought friend that – still- friend- forever is no more when I graduated from university.

This kind of friendship taught me something important. On whatever difficult the situation I may encounter, it is always nice to have somebody to stand by. No obligation, no give and take, no string attached, just because he is my friend and that is what a friend for.

I hope someday I meet him again, in different situation.


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