The Lost Symbol


This is the first book, ever, I purchased through pre-order. I must admit, the best book I enjoyed from Dan Brown was Angels and Demons. The Lost Symbol has same recipe as those twos (The Da Vinci and Angles and Demons) but with different ingredients. The only main ingredient remains is Robert Langdon, of course. I even might got little tired by the plot, the characters, the mysteries, the twist, the puzzles because all followed the same recipe. If anyone had read the previous twos, they will know what I mean.

But that is not the case why I am fond of  Dan Brown. As with Illuminati and Renaissance and great arts and great architecture. This book filled with knowledge that thrilled me into the history of civilization. As a fiction with some real  facts, I know I must rely not only by the fascination of myths as it has been told throughout the storyline. Indeed, that is the beauty of this fiction. It keep me curious and thus, keep me learn something new I never knew before. All the latest three of his books are full of fascinating learning materials, I might say. And I always thought to myself that this is fiction. No need to argue. It is like reading history channel of Michael Crichton’s (R.I.P).

This book, however has more tendency for the superiority of human being than other previous two. If in Angels and Demons, science tried to understand religion, in this book there is no religion nor God but human being itself. Some may say this is all about atheist or agnostic but I think otherwise because in order to understand the true words of religion, we must embrace it by layers: knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment. Hey, that layers are found in my religion too.

It is dangerous to translate the words literally. In any religion, any civilization, any time-line. I could not agree more on this.  Look  at what happen today. That’s because we believe we are stand for our own God and our own paradise (or hell) and those who opposite to us are considered sinners. No wonder the so-called atheis is exist. The Freemasonry, the protagonist in this book stand for the endless endeavor of human intelligence  into one consciousness of enlightenment. I might say this book propagate itself as message for understanding the true wisdom of all religions. Religion is for unite mankind into one . At-one-ment.  Maybe there is a God, or Gods (plural?). Who knows?

Surely this book will pour fuels for conspiracy theorists and the new world order-theorist.

Nonetheless, I finally got the meaning of : E Pluribus Unum . One of my great question of all ages (actually, since my elementary school when I learned this word of the United States Coat of Arms).

As there are many, one.

Uh-oh, so close with ours: Bhineka Tunggal Ika 😀


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