Home Closure

I may had many thought about these  years ago but I must admit, I prefer the otherwise.
I am a domestic person. I had been a while in some places abroad but nothing can stop me to think about home. Yes, there’s mess everywhere, unconditional chaos, awful-awful memories, (some) jungles disguise as urban facilities and  most likely it is a least place a hope for my happiness would grows. Once I would think to escape and loose my faith in all ‘ environmentally conveniences’ my home had to offer. And when my wish eventually came true, there are a lot things to consider than just being better. Yes, I’d and have seen the better and one of the best of the world in serving people like me to live in. Again, I am Taurus guy.
That home issue bothers me.
They said neighbor’s lawn is always greener than ours.  It might true in fact, but greener is not always comes with the affection. Greener, better, bigger, smarter, prettier is nothing to do with my attachment on my home. Poor, unhealthy, chaotic home. I am dying to eat  ‘not- so-healthy-but-extremely-tasteful’  whatever food on the side of the streets. 😀
Especially when the days of Ramadhan like this time.
Although I realize, I serve my time now. Even if I happen to be in my home town now, I must be falling down with no closure of safety. I have to deal with many inconveniences. Let alone my owns. Until then, I must learn how to adapt with these vulnerabilities when I still have enough closure to hold on.


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