Boring History

To be honest. One of the most boring subject back in my junior high and senior high school was history. Surprise? for me, no. It comes with reasons. And for the most , I could not find something that fascinated me (and that would help a lot to memorize) except chronological numbers and meaningless cause-reaction-solution topics. I was a bit interested in history of the world rather than our nation’s (fabricated or impartial, History or history). But recently, I am  curious about our history as a nation, as a whole gathered families spreading across equatorial line. Turn out, it is a fascinating stories! Why, o why they did not deliver these epics by storytelling, I mean by meaning. Rather than to memorize when someone declared war on someone else, or what is the charter of agreement between this and these. For me the best way to comprehend history is by listen it as a tale. From tale, we commonly extract the messages, the meaning underneath heroism, epic battles, tragedies so it become hardwired in our brain as experiences. And we become wiser and more acknowledge to the others.

The other day, I and my daughter brought a nice book of history about Indonesia in pre-colonization era. Some of it chapters I thought had a different perspectives from what I had throughout my schools. Of course, it is written by foreign scholars. It was true that we had a golden era under many great leaders and empires. But also true that not all of our ancestors was good men. From different point of views they were mean, opportunist, hypocrite, racist. After all, human. But look at our condition recently, the situation among the have, the government, the ruler almost have familiarity with the condition more than thousand years ago. We tend to forget great experiences but keep on grudge to others. We are not familiar with the openness in speaking and thinking as it will insult our pride and that is why we are not debate, we collaborate (for what it worth). But in low life, we are strong in humanity and philosophy. We had lot of philosophers. We own our own land. We are natives. I hope it does not mean we are not destined to be great country once more.

At least once we were a great empire.

It is amazing that time could compress so many memories and our brain could store them almost infinitely (maybe infinitely).


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