A Girl With Dragon Tattoo


My, Oo my. I didn’t see it coming. I posted it before that the book was an amazing thriller (actually there are trilogy of Lisbeth Salander’s saga). And now they made movie based on it .
I am glad it was Swedish (with English subtitle). The movie was almost had all my expectation about how each of the character is look like, about the scenery of Scandinavian rural and the tensions of the story itself. The girl with dragon tattoo? yes, now she reveals herself :-D. Although, as case in many of movie adaptation from novel, some of the development was missing or not been elaborated deeply enough as in the book. Personally, I like rare combination of a gothic-disturbed-weird girl with idealist journalist that somehow could find themselves need for each other (and by the way, she is super-duper hacker with photographic memory).

And I think the original title is not The girl with dragon tattoo but A man who hates women . I still have no idea why they change it in English version but the later is much closer to the story itself.


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