Korean Movies

Recently, I enthrilled with Korean Movies. Not Korean mini-series or tv-shows, but feature films (I know, a lot of beautiful women there too). Aside from my previous comments for Oldboy and other vengeance trilogies, that country has huge potential to bring many terrific movies Hollywood would love to remake. In two of them which are both thriller (Memory of murder (2003) and The Chaser (2008)), I am so much fond of the intriguing stories flows with the inter-twisting development on each characters. In both above, there is no hero or happy ending.

Korean movies set story in different way than most Hollywood does. In case of thriller, there are so much involve in psycological and atmosphere. And it blends with emotional and satire comedy at the same time. Not to mention that the story itself tends to focus on the complex – twisting concept underneath and human aspects which for me, is more intriguing. Without so much  help from CG and other high-budget special effects, those movies keep my eyes (and mind) rolling for entire time. I remember when the first time I saw The Ring (Japanese version).

And as usual, there are alot of slapping, kicking, punching with unbelievable realism and different angle shots than any Hollywood movies I’ve ever seen.


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