Boy-scout Day

I was a boy-scout back then when I was in Junior High School. Not only regular member or a just killing- teenager’s time- boyscout, I was a few selected to became member of kind of elite group. This group consists of ten specialized individuals. My friend was high-skilled in first aid kit, the other was good at anything with ropes and me, I felt by that time that I was good in deciphering Morse codes. Yap, I was a Morse guy. If there were competitions in decoding Morse, most likely our group was going to win and beat others in accuracy and speedy. My ability was not granted, I learn hard and this occupied mine more than any school’s subjects. For most of the reason because I was curious about codes and I think it was cool to be the guy who knew how to crack them.  Beside Morse, Semaphore, first aid kit, marching and other boy-scout’s agendas,  I remember our best record in building a 20 person’s tent was 18 seconds!.

Boy-scout was all about self-exploration, adventures and self-actualization. I have very close friends until now and when there are topics to discuss about our teenage-hood, it is almost always about boy-scout adventures. In fact, my Junior High memories are full of boy-scout activities. I think now it was good times to spend after school. No internet, no cable TV, no consoles (well, there was but fortunately I didn’t own one, I just spent whole in my pocket in arcade machines near school). We played dirt, had scratch marks, skin burned, insect-bitten and almost drowning in one of those camps. One thing among other important lesson-in-life I learned there, is perseverance. No complaint on whatever difficult I have the situation is and bear these difficulties as empowering mechanism . For years to come, I live with this oath etched in my mind and it had saved me for some occasions and circumstances.It might made me cold outside.

When I was wearing my boy-scout outfit, I was in another world. A world of adventure, outdoor camping, cracking codes and hanging out my my gang. There were several times we camp at the foothills, near foggy-lake when at one night-watch, I saw monkeys doing free-fall from top of a tree, maybe to wash themselves. One time, I wore brand new snicker that accidentally torn apart just after one night of hide and seek game. Unbelievable quality.

When I was under boy-scout oaths, I feared nothing, I blanketed with honor and integrity (I guess by that time).

I hope now this hype is not declining. It is good at least on one lifetime that I feel everything in black and white. Right is right and wrong is eternally wrong. Just like world of boy-scout. Because after we learn black and white we could understand the shade of gray no matter vague it is.

I thank Lord Baden Powell for shining my teenage-hood.


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