Designer, not Programmer

Indeed, code is poetry and now many designer are also well programmers. But me, I am weak at text-based sequential coding since I must always rely on my visual sense to know  immediate result of my codes. That’s why I did not use this ability for living. I can not see the beauty of codes unless it represent geometrical forms, or anything that pleased my visual sense. Designers are always already have set of conceptual images in their mind and want computation to make it visible. In a world of VR and Parametric Modelling, I am happy that Virtools and Rhino introduce graphic-based scripting. It is like point-based procedural texture-making in Maya and any other 3D modeller.

On each of the system, they provide us set of  functions that will help us- me, visual-based programmer :-), to design script by blocks and connnections.This concept is more, design-iy than cruching numbers with line of texts. Beside, I personally don’t care what kind of  system set-up they must prepare before I actually deal with my real problem. If I use C++, I must set all of dependencies, linker, not to mention  headers, so and so forth.

So, this concept is a gateway to open new actual method of design (or, programming in design?).

This is digital architecture.


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